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Adjunct Hiring Process

A potential adjunct should work directly with their HR Adjunct Coordinator (contact Help Desk for contact) to ensure that the following steps are taking place if they are in the process of being hired:


Step 1: Ensure that HR has received your application and CV/resume.

Step 2: Request transcripts from all colleges/universities you've attended using the direction provided in Hiring Requirements email.

Step 3: Ensure you have received and reviewed the Hiring Requirements with Employee Handbook and Adjunct Handbook from your HR Adjunct Coordinator.

Step 4: Ensure that you have received a welcome packet which includes the following documents:

Welcome Packet Contents
Offer LetterAdjunct BenefitsCampus Contact & Maps
Sexual Harassment Training Info.Help Desk Info.Campus Security Policies
Zimbra Web Client informationParking policyMicrosoft Office 2007 info.
Holiday scheduleAdjunct opportunities brochurePaperwork instructions
I-9 form & InstructionsEEO & W-4 formsState tax forms
Direct Deposit formParking formEmploy info. form
Photo releaseConfidentiality AgreementHandbook acknowledgement
General release formDisclosure & Release formEthics form


Step 5: Receive request and complete background check.

Step 6: Ensure HR has enrolled you in the online Sexual Harassment training and that you have received the link to complete it (you have two weeks to complete the training).

Step 7: Complete all required paperwork and submit to HR in person or by mail.

Step 8: Please note: In order to complete the hiring process, applicants MUST:

· Complete and pass a background check

· Complete the online sexual harassment training

· Complete all employee paperwork

· Request all transcripts

Step 9: Once HR has verified that an applicant has completed each of these items, the applicant’s name and information is released to the registrar’s office and entered into the university’s course system. This completes the process of Adjunct Hiring.


HR Adjunct Hiring Activity Checklist.doc

Adjunct Employment Resources

Adjunct Employment Resources Web site


This web site can be accessed for:

  • Access to the HR Portal with 24/7 access to HR and payroll services
  • Current payroll schedule
  • Contacts for adjunct coordinator and academic assistants
  • Benefits for Adjuncts
  • Forms including travel reimbursement/expenses, tuition waiver forms, etc.
  • University contacts

Faculty Profiles

Personalized Faculty Profiles are available to place information about you. Your profile may contain a blog, curriculum vitae, or other information you wish to share. Your profile is searchable and accessible on the internet. Students may easily access your profile from their courses.

Request New Faculty Profile:

Send an email to helpdesk@franklin.edu and include the following information:

    1. First Name and Last Name as it should appear in the URL (i.e. julie-wuebker)
    2. First Name and Last Name as it should appear on your profile (i.e. Julie A. Wuebker, MS)
    3. Franklin email address (i.e. yourname@franklin.edu)

Accessing Profiles:
  • First time access - you must access your account through myFranklin, from either the Faculty Profile Link on the Shortcuts Menu or by clicking on the picture or name link from a course you are teaching.
  • The general URL where you can find your own faculty profile or the profile of a colleague is:  http://faculty.franklin.edu
  • Your specific URL is the above URL with the addition of /firstname‐lastname: http://faculty.franklin.edu/firstname‐lastname
Watch It tutorials:


Want more? Go to https://community.franklin.edu/docs/DOC-11364

Adjunct Employment Resources

Megan Weikel
Adjunct Coordinator
Ph. 614.947.6493

Fx. 614.255.9634



Adjunct Employment Resources Web site

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